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Sea Claims
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The Meriam people depended for food and commerce not only on their gardens, but also on the foreshores, reefs and seas.

Their elaborate land tenure rules extended to these maritime areas, and the plaintiffs' claims included specific areas of both land and sea.

However, Queensland's jurisdiction ended at the three mile limit; the Commonwealth assumed control of the sea from there.

Nevertheless, for strategic reasons, the plaintiffs restricted their evidence to those claims within the three mile limit, and during the hearings Justice Moynihan heard detailed evidence about the ownership of fish traps and reefs along the coast.

Unfortunately, he was not satisfied the evidence established any form of exclusive rights to these areas, or that active enforcement of these rights occurred.
Ancient & Modern Ways
Great Barrier Reef, Mer, Murray Island, native title, reef, sea claims, sea rights, Subkaur Island
...Owning the stars, wind and sea...
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...When the tide goes out...
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Sea Totems
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Meriam Land Disputes
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Belonging To Country
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Adapted To Their Continent
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A Sacred Landscape
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The Murray Islanders' Evidence
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...The seas and reefs...
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...Abandonment of the Sea Claims...
Jun, 26, 1989
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Sea Rights
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Farming The Sea
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Hierarchies Of Land Use
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In Meriam Waters
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Myths & Legends
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Performance, Art & The Sacred
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Seafarers & Food Growers
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Something Deep Within Us
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The Sea That Belongs To The Land
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