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Legal Manoeuverings
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The following two and a half years were spent in energy-sapping legal manoeuvres, as Queensland sought more detail about the claims.

The plaintiffs had to respond to these requests, and at the same time, negotiate the agreed statement of facts so that the trial could proceed. However, agreement proved elusive and it became necessary to seek direction from the High Court.

Queensland's 'no compromise' approach continued for the ten year life of the case. The State fought tooth and nail to defeat the Murray Islanders' claims.
A Challenge To The Established Law
Apr, 3, 1987
Canberra, High Court of Australia, native title, Queensland Coast Islands Declaratory Act , 1985 , sovereignty, terra nullius
...No Agreement...
Image and Text
claim, Deane, Sir William, Gibbs, Chief Justice, High Court of Australia, McIntyre, Greg, No Ordinary Judgement, plaintiffs, Queensland
Queensland's Defence
Feb, 26, 1985
annexation, Meriam Mer, native title, plaintiffs, Queensland Government
Failure To Agree On The Facts
High Court of Australia, Mabo Case, plaintiffs, Queensland, Supreme Court of Queensland