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Preparations On The Long Journey To Justice
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After the Townsville conference, things began to move quickly.

Greg McIntyre, who worked at the Aboriginal Legal Service in Cairns, was engaged as solicitor for the Islanders.

Barbara Hocking, a Melbourne barrister and long time advocate for indigenous people's rights, was briefed to advise the Meriam plaintiffs, and to consult other barristers with expertise in customary land cases.

Ron Castan QC was selected to argue the case for the Murray Islanders; and a short time later, the legal team was further strengthened with the recruitment of barrister Bryan Keon-Cohen.
Land Rights Conference
conference, James Cook University, land rights, land rights, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Townsville
Qld Supreme Court trial, legal team with Eddie Mabo
barristers, Castan, Ron, Hocking, Barbara, Keon-Cohen, Bryan, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki, McIntyre, Greg, Supreme Court of Queensland
...Land ownership system...
barristers, Castan, Ron, Kennedy, Flo, Keon-Cohen, Bryan, land ownership, No Ordinary Judgement, Sharp, Dr. Nonie, Thursday Island
An exciting discovery
Image and Text
Feb, 1982
McIntyre, Greg, Mer, Murray Island Native Court, No Ordinary Judgement, Sharp, Dr. Nonie
Research Trip To Mer
May, 1989
Keon-Cohen, Bryan, Mabo, Edward Koiki, McIntyre, Greg, Mer
barristers, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki, plaintiffs