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Queensland's First Response
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On the 18th of August 1982, a little under three months after the plaintiffs had filed their statement of claim, the Queensland Government responded with a summons to 'strike out' the claim.

This legal manoeuvre threatened to end the case.

But when the parties appeared before Justice Deane in the High Court later in October, the plaintiffs said they would prepare a statement of facts which, they hoped, Queensland would agree to.

The legal argument could then proceed on the basis of these agreed facts.

As a result, Justice Deane adjourned the 'strike out' application indefinitely.

Queensland was never to raise it again.
The Case Begins!
High Court of Australia, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki
A Challenge To The Established Law
Apr, 3, 1987
Canberra, High Court of Australia, native title, Queensland Coast Islands Declaratory Act , 1985 , sovereignty, terra nullius
...Plots, Subplots and Counterplots...
claim, Killoran, Patrick, London Missionary Society, Meriam Mer, No Ordinary Judgement, plaintiffs, religion
The Challenge To The Queensland Act
Apr, 3, 1987
Mabo v Queensland No.1, Queensland Coast Islands Declaratory Act , 1985