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By early 1982, the plaintiffs were ready, the lawyers prepared, the issues identified and the statement of claim near completion.

However, there was one missing ingredient.


It was simply impossible to fund a case of this size and importance from the resources of those involved.

And as work intensified, so did the search for funding.

The breakthrough came with a $50,000 Federal Government grant, just as the statement of claim was ready to file.

But over the next decade, the plaintiffs and their lawyers would walk a perilous financial path, never confident that adequate funding would be found.

On many occasions, they had no choice but to draw on their personal savings to keep the case going.
Limited Funds
Aboriginal Legal Service, barristers, Castan, Ron, funding, Keon-Cohen, Bryan, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki, McIntyre, Greg, Moynihan, Justice Martin, plaintiffs, Tickner, Robert
...The financial pressures on Eddie Mabo...
employment, funding, Keon-Cohen, Bryan, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki, plaintiffs
employment, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki