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Australia In The Eyes Of The World
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In recognising native title, Australia has begun to catch up with world standards of acceptable treatment for Indigenous peoples.

A serious defect in our legal history has also been corrected and this sends a clear message to all that abuses of human rights are no longer acceptable.

By recognising Indigenous peoples' rights and respecting their traditions, authority and autonomy, Australia's international human rights obligations can be met.

Furthermore, any move to undermine native title will invite scrutiny of Australia's domestic affairs by the international community.

The recognition of, and respect for, Indigenous peoples' rights is an important aspect of our legal and political systems, because they are measures by which Australia is judged as a nation.
International Comparisons
British law, Canada, colonialism, Common Law, High Court of Australia, Mabo Case, native title, New Zealand (Aotearoa), United States of America
The Benefits Of Native Title
Common Law, equality, human rights, indigenous people, Mabo judgement, national identity, native title, social justice
...All of us are diminished...
Image and Text
Nov, 13, 1972
Australia, Australian International Relations, Australian Labor Party, Whitlam, Gough
Apr, 5, 1997
Australia, Australian International Relations, coexistence, Malezer, Les, Mer, recognition, reconciliation
...Australia is a diminished nation...
Image and Text
Australia, Australian International Relations, Deane, Sir William
The Reshaping Of National Identity
backlash, decolonisation, indigenous people, national identity, native title, reconciliation
Human Rights
human rights, International law, Mabo judgement, Racial Discrimination Act , 1975 , United Nations
International Law
fishing, Great Barrier Reef, Meriam culture, sea rights, seafarers, Torres Strait
Recent Changes To International Law
decolonisation, human rights, International law, Racial Discrimination Act , 1975 , treaties, United Nations
Wik allies mount attack on premiers
Jan, 22, 1997
aborigines, backlash, Borbidge, Robert, Djerrkura, Gatjil, Fischer, Tim, French, Justice Robert, Howard, John, native title, Native Title Act (1993), native title claim, pastoralism, Wik