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Native Title & Industry
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In the early stages, resource industry groups were among the most fervent opponents of native title.

Minerals and oil industry representatives claimed that investment would dry up until native title was dealt with and 'certainty' was granted to the resource sector.

After the 1996 Wik decision, which confirmed that pastoral leases could co-exist with native title, farmers and pastoralists restated the demand for 'certainty'.

They continued their vocal opposition to native title again raising fear in the community, during the lead up to the 1998 Native Title Act amendments.
Blacks, miners join in plan for cooperation
Jul, 2, 1993
industry, mining, Ranger Uranium Mine, reconciliation
Mabo: How two miners dealt with land claims
Mabo Case, mining, native title claim
Native Title's Vulnerability In Australia
extinguishment, High Court of Australia, indigenous people, land ownership, native title, political reaction, politics, Racial Discrimination Act
Wik & Co-Existence
coexistence, High Court of Australia, native title, native title claim, pastoral lease, pastoralists, Queensland, Thayorre people, Wik
The Native Title Amendment Bill
Jul, 7, 1998
10 point plan, backlash, native title, Native Title Amendment Bill, political reaction, sunset clause
The source of opposition
industry opposition, mining, pastoral industry, recognition
National Farmers Federation against native title: The 'fence post hole' ad
backlash, National Farmer's Federation, pastoral industry, political reaction, Wik
...When discomfort arises...
Image and Text
Dodson, Michael, human rights, industry opposition, racism
Learning To Live With Native Title
Cowley, Camilla, De Crispegny, Robert Champion, mining, native title, Normandy Mining, pastoralism, reconciliation
Pastoral Interest & Public Interest
coexistence, Grey, Earl, native title, New South Wales, pastoral industry, pastoral lease, Wik
The Political Response
10 point plan, Australian Court Case, backlash, Court, Richard, desecration, Keating, Paul, Mabo judgement, mining, pastoral industry, political reaction, racism, WA v Commonwealth
Give blacks a living area: Mining Lobby
Jan, 22, 1997
AMEC (Assoc' of Mining & Exploration Co's), apartheid, backlash, Federal Government, Australia, industry, mining, native title, racism
Farm leader warns PM on Wik stand
Jan, 23, 1997
Cattleman's Union of Australia, National Farmer's Federation, native title claim, pastoral industry, Wik
Cape legal experts plays down talk of a crisis
Jan, 23, 1997
Cape York, Cape York Land Council, Fitzgerald, James, pastoral industry, pastoralism
Rural development crippled
Jan, 23, 1997
backlash, farming, mining, native title, pastoral industry