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Indigenous peoples' rights to land have been part of the common law tradition of most former British Colonies, including Southern Africa and India.

In Papua New Guinea, the High Court of Australia in 1973, recognised the native title rights of Papua New Guineans nearly twenty years before the Mabo case.
The Administration Papua v Daera Guba
colonisation, High Court of Australia, indigenous people, International Court Case, International law, Papua New Guinea, The Administration of Papua v Daera Guba 1972-3
...A mere change in sovereignty...
Africa, Brennan, Justice Gerard, indigenous people, International Convention, International Court Case, Mabo judgement, Nigeria, Privy Council, Southern Rhodesia, Amodu Tijani V Secretary, 1921, sovereignty
International Court of Justice in its Advisory Opinion on Western Sahara
Africa, indigenous people, International Court of Justice, terra nullius, Western Sahara case
Other Lands Settled By The British
Canada, colonisation, Common Law, native title, New Zealand (Aotearoa), treaties, Treaty of Waitangi, 1840 , United States of America