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Mediation & Other Parties
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The Native Title Act encourages interest holders over the same land to reach an agreement which recognises native title.

The Native Title Tribunal uses government appointed mediators but can also appoint it own consultants.

The Federal Court decides if an application for mediation will be referred to the Tribunal. The Court bases its decision on the need for mediation, if agreement is likely, and whether sufficient information is available to assist the mediation process.
What mediation can encompass
Nov, 25, 1993
Federal Court of Australia, mediation, native title, Native Title Act (1993)
The Right To Negotiate
native title, Native Title Act (1993), Native Title Amendment Bill, negotiation
Determination Of Native Title
Nov, 25, 1993
Common Law, Federal Court of Australia, Native Title Act (1993)
Native Title & Industry
mining, native title, Native Title Act (1993), Native Title Amendment Bill, pastoral industry, pastoral lease, Wik
Learning To Live With Native Title
Cowley, Camilla, De Crispegny, Robert Champion, mining, native title, Normandy Mining, pastoralism, reconciliation