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Native Title Tribunal & Federal Court
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The Native Title Act gives the Federal Court power to make a determination that native title exists. However, during the consideration of any application, proceedings move between the Court and the National Native Title Tribunal.

This Tribunal, which was established under the Native Title Act, is the venue for mediation and conciliation. It deals with applications referred to it by the Federal Court and is designed to complement the adversarial legal process. However, a court, must make the final determination.
The Native Title Act
Oct, 1, 1992
1967 referendum, Court, Richard, Keating, Paul, Mabo Case, Mabo judgement, mining, National Farmer's Federation, native title, Native Title Act (1993), pastoralism, politics
Structure of NNTT
National Native Title Tribunal
Justice Robert French
Canberra, French, Justice Robert, National Native Title Tribunal
...Why it is of small comfort...
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Canberra, Dodson, Michael, National Native Title Tribunal, native title
...The decision affects the whole of Australia...
Australian Court Case, Brennan, Chief Justice Gerard, Federal Government, Australia, High Court judgement, Isabel Coe v The Commonwealth, Mabo judgement, Mabo v Queensland No.2, Mason v Tritton, 1994, Meriam Mer, native title, Native Title Act (1993), plaintiffs, Toohey, Justice
Inquiry urged for solution
Jan, 23, 1997
French, Justice Robert, Wik