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...Australia is a diminished nation...
...Australia is a diminished nation..., 1996

Sir William Deane, Governor General and former High Court Judge:
'... I am convinced that until true reconciliation with its Indigenous peoples is reached, Australia is a diminished nation. I am also convinced that such reconciliation is possible... One hundred years from now, when we are approaching the second century of our nation, the dreamings of the Aboriginal peoples will record whether we Australians had the determination, tolerance and goodwill to convert short term possibility into a reality that is timeless.'
Keywords: Australia, Australian International Relations, Deane, Sir William, 1996

Some signposts from Daguragu, the inaugural Lingiari Lecture, Darwin 22 August 1996, pp. 28-29. Still: Sir William Deane. Courtesy of High Court of Australia.
Author: Strelein, Lisa
Source: Deane, Sir William