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Performance, Art & The Sacred
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Today, all kinds of dances, ancient and modern, are performed by Murray Islanders.

They range from simple descriptions of their fishing activities and the world of the sea, to highly symbolic displays.

The movements may be as complex in their shades of meaning as any art or ceremonial form; particularly when the movements of sea birds, sea creatures, or the sea itself, are danced.
The murmur of the Great Barrier Reef
dancing, Great Barrier Reef, sea, songs
A Form of Remembering
Image and Text
ceremony, dari, Malo dance, Meriam culture, shells
The Torres Strait Islands Flag
dari, flag, Torres Strait
Adapted To Their Continent
Australia, First Fleet, indigenous people, land use
A Sacred Landscape
aboriginal property ownership, anthropology, Australia, clans, dispossession, kinship, land ownership, religion, sacred
Listening To The Sea
fishing, Great Barrier Reef, sea rights, seafarers
Sacred Order
Las, Malo's laws, Malo-Bomai, Meriam culture, religion, sacred
Something Deep Within Us
fishing, Great Barrier Reef, sacred, sea rights, seafarers
aboriginal law, Las, Malo's laws, Malo-Bomai, religion, sacred