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The story of Malo
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Malo was one of four brothers who sailed from New Guinea. A strong wind separated them and Malo sailed on alone until a big wave sank his canoe at Mer.

But Malo was very powerful. He drifted around the islands, transforming himself into sea creatures and finally an octopus.

A woman called Kabur was fishing and the strong waves carried Malo towards her. He entwined himself around her. Kabur speared the octopus, placed him in her basket and took Malo ashore.

The Meriam hailed Malo, "Keriba agud, ged seker em. Our God, our protector." The men of Las said, "Let there be no more fighting between us. Let Malo remain here to be agud for all."

So Malo gave the Meriam laws and ceremonies to govern their lives.
Malo Dance
Sep, 19, 1995
ceremony, dancing, Las, Mabo, Benny, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Mabo family, Mabo, Maiga, Malo dance, Malo's laws, Mer, Meriam culture, Murray Island, reburial, sacred
Malo Dance from Mabo film
ancestors, Las, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Malo dance, Malo's laws, reburial, sacred
Malo Dance 1967
dancing, Land Bilong Islanders, Las, Malo, Malo dance, Malo's laws, Meriam culture, sacred
The Malo-Bomai myth
Las, Malo dance, Malo's laws, Malo-Bomai, Meriam culture, Meriam history, Papua New Guinea, sacred, Stars of Tagai, Torres Strait
Malo's Laws
Christianity, clans, Malo, Malo's laws, Meriam culture, religion
Malo Ceremonial Dance 1898
Cambridge Anthropological Expedition, ceremony, Haddon, A.C., Land Bilong Islanders, Las, Malo dance, Malo's laws, Meriam culture
Malo ceremonial dance as drawn by A.C.Haddon
ceremony, Haddon, A.C., Malo's laws, Meriam culture, songs
Star-headed Malo clubs
Image and Text
Las, Malo, Malo dance, songs