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The Journey Home
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Four months after the desecration, on September the twelfth, Koiki's remains were exhumed in Townsville; the Federal Government had made good an offer of financial assistance to relocate the grave.

Koiki's fragile remains were carefully lifted out of the ground, placed in a new lead lined coffin and flown to Murray Island.

When the casket arrived on Mer, grieving recommenced both for the Mabo family, and the Meriam community. Together they wept, as the coffin was carried by Murray Island warriors down a long, winding jungle track to the beach at Las.
...his ancestors are not far away...
Sep, 18, 1995
ancestors, custom, Las, Mabo, Benny, reburial
Jun, 3, 1995
backlash, desecration, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Mabo family, tombstone, Townsville
...The casket..
Sep, 1995
Mabo, Eddie Jnr., Mabo, Edward Koiki, Murray Island, reburial
Las, Las, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Malo, Mer, Meriam culture, Meriam history, Murray Island, Piadaram, Zogo le