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The following day, June the fourth, another unexpected and dark chapter in the Eddie Mabo story unfolded.

Morning television and radio news bulletins across the country flashed the dramatic news that Koiki's grave had been vandalised. Overnight, perhaps even while the celebrations were continuing, the grave was desecrated, with ugly, red swastikas and the word 'abo' splashed across it. The smiling, bronze bust of Mabo had been prised off the headstone and stolen.
...there's no further reconciliation...
Jul, 1995
backlash, desecration, racism, reconciliation, tombstone ceremony
...a symbol of strength...
activism, backlash, desecration, human rights, racism, resistance, tombstone ceremony
...symbolic castration...
Image and Text
Jun, 4, 1995
backlash, desecration, racism, tombstone ceremony
Buried In Townsville
Feb, 1, 1992
burial, Las, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Mabo family, Townsville
Koiki's Wish Fulfilled
Sep, 18, 1995
ancestors, Las, Mabo, Benny, Mabo, Edward Koiki, reburial, tombstone
Native Title & Industry
mining, native title, Native Title Act (1993), Native Title Amendment Bill, pastoral industry, pastoral lease, Wik
The Politics Of Native Title
citizenship, equality, human rights, land rights, national identity, native title, political reaction, politics
Implications Of Mabo
Mabo Case, Mabo judgement, mining, pastoral industry, political reaction
...Bury me at Las!...
Sep, 18, 1995
Bakir Auski, desecration, Las, Mabo, Eddie Jnr., Mabo, Edward Koiki, tombstone, Townsville
The Political Response
10 point plan, Australian Court Case, backlash, Court, Richard, desecration, Keating, Paul, Mabo judgement, mining, pastoral industry, political reaction, racism, WA v Commonwealth
Keating Pledges to Honour Mabo after Grave Vandalism
Jun, 6, 1995
backlash, desecration, grave, Keating, Paul, Mabo, Edward Koiki, racism, tombstone
Racists & Vandals
Jun, 6, 1995
backlash, Bakir Auski, desecration, grave, Keating, Paul, Mabo, Edward Koiki, racism, tombstone, Townsville
Leaders Denounce Desecration of Mabo Grave
Jun, 5, 1995
Bakir Auski, desecration, grave, Mabo, Edward Koiki, tombstone