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Speaking In A Whisper
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With the conclusion of the High Court hearings in May 1991, Mabo found himself for the first time in many years, with time to kill. He continued to work on his boat, and together with Bonita, enrolled in a small business and book keeping course at the Townsville College of Technical and Further Education.

However in October he started to complain about severe pain in his back and chest. In early November he began to lose his voice; he could only speak in a whisper.
Diary extracts
cancer, diaries, Eddie Mabo's Death, 21/01/1992, Mabo, Edward Koiki
...I was well and truly pregnant...
cancer, death, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Mabo family, Mabo, Gail
...He'd always complain about his hip...
cancer, death, family, Mabo, Edward Koiki
...The last photograph of Koiki Mabo...
Oct, 1991
cancer, death, Mabo, Edward Koiki
cancer, Eddie Mabo's Death, 21/01/1992