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Meriam Land
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James Rice:
Nobody come in here. If they want to come in here they have to call out for me and I give them pass to come here. If not... they'll get something. In those days was very serious, alright? They chop their head off. Yeah, that's really. They chop their head off with their gubba gubba.


I know my boundary. I know my land, I know my areas, I can name them where my ancestors been name all the lands. No white people can give that name to my ancestor about this lands here.

l can say this is Daimi. That's Daimi here. If 1 take you to another one, I say Douri. This is not white people's name. This is my ancestors' name. And if I go to another place. I say Bazmet. This is not white people name. This is Bazmet. This is my ancestors' name. Native name.

And this land belongs to my ancestor and I'm the heir and that land that I want to own by right. I want right for my, you know I want to get right, I'm speaking on behalf of all Murray Islanders. We want our right.
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