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The Hearings Conclude
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Justice Moynihan:
I would not wish to leave Murray Island, without concluding as I began, and that is by thanking the people of Murray Island and their council, for making available the facilities of the island to us in order that we might sit here. And particularly, to thank them for their hospitality which they have extended to us during the period of the sittings.

Will you adjourn the court, Mr Bailiff.

Yea, oh yea, oh yea. All persons here present attendant at this humble court civil jurisdiction, may now depart hence given their attendance on Thursday Island at 9:30 Friday morning. God save the Queen.

Man with camera:
Could you come over too?

Murray Island woman:
We'll give them these little hats to take home.

Queensland barrister:
How lovely, thank you Kathleen. Oh its for Mrs Passi. Just to hold it... I thought you... I was getting excited about the hat.

Narration: The hearing on Murray Island was a short episode in a long ordeal. After four days the court moved back to Brisbane. Anthropologists, writers, historians and public servants gave further evidence for, and against, the Murray Island plaintiffs. Finally, in September 1989, 7 years after the first writ was filed, Justice Moynihan adjourned the hearings to consider and write his findings.
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