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A Warrior Tradition
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Before European colonists arrived in Australia, the politics of Aboriginal land ownership was not without its tensions. Warfare, and violent struggles among men over land and women, were part of tradition.

Conflict was probably more frequent where high population densities were higher. And so, inter-group conflict and violence occurred more often in fertile country, such as along major river systems.

It also seemed to occur where expanding white settlement reduced the amount of uncolonised territory available to aboriginal people.
Meriam Land Disputes
Dauar, Depoma, Marwer, land boundaries, land ownership, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Malo's laws, Malo's laws, Mer, Meriam culture, Meriam history, Murray Island Native Court, sea rights, trespass, Waier
Indigenous People & Their Land
custom, indigenous people, land ownership, land rights, land use, sacred
Times of Waringari
anthropology, Bird Rose, Deborah, cultural preservation, culture, custom, Northern Territory, warriors
Atninga avenging party
Image and Text
May, 1, 1901
aborigines, anthropology, Baldwin Spencer, Walter, cultural preservation, culture, custom, warriors
Adapted To Their Continent
Australia, First Fleet, indigenous people, land use
Colonial Warfare
Australia, colonial warfare, colonialism, colonists, genocide, land rights, martial law, massacres, Tasmania, war, Warlpiri
Defending Territories & Making Peace
Depoma, Marwer, land boundaries, land disputes, land ownership, Las, Mabo Case, Mer, Meriam culture, Papua New Guinea
Land Disputes
clans, Depoma, Marwer, inheritance, land disputes, land ownership, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Murray Island Native Court
activism, land rights, land rights, resistance, strike, unionism