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Territorial Integrity
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Despite developments in the law, and more critical attitudes to colonisation and empire, the international community of States is still unwilling to undo past takeovers, or to disturb existing national boundaries.

And the High Court of Australia went out of its way in the Mabo decision to state that the Crown's acquisition of sovereignty over Australia cannot be challenged in an Australian court.

The High Court was, however, willing to reconsider the consequences of that takeover for the pre-existing land rights of Australia's indigenous people.
Crown Land
colonisation, doctrine of tenure, indigenous Australians, International law, native title, New South Wales, sovereignty, terra nullius
High Court of Australia
Canberra, High Court Decision, 03/06/1992, High Court of Australia
A Challenge To The Established Law
Apr, 3, 1987
Canberra, High Court of Australia, native title, Queensland Coast Islands Declaratory Act , 1985 , sovereignty, terra nullius
Defining Native Title
aboriginal law, land ownership, native title
General Principles Of Native Title
aboriginal law, Common Law, native title, Native Title Act (1993)
Land Bilong Islanders - Mabo
Great Northern expedition, land ownership, Mabo Case, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Malo's laws, Mer, Meriam culture, Moynihan, Justice Martin, Murray Island, sea rights
Native Title & Indigenous Law
aboriginal law, Malo's laws, native title, Native Title Act (1993), sacred
Pre-Existing Land Rights
land rights, Mabo judgement, native title
barbarism, colonisation, International law, terra nullius
colonialism, colonisation, decolonisation, International law, United Nations