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Yuk puuyngk
Yuk puuyngk, 1993

Denny Bowenda:
'We Wik People have a thing, it's the Wik People's sacred law. White people have their laws in their books, in a paper written down in black and white. We have a law stick that protects us, our property, our belongings, whatever we own. The Yuk Puuyngk protects everything. The whole of the land of Australia have different ways of Yuk Puuyngk. This Puuyngk it's for Wik people. Other tribes, other traditional areas, they have a different Puuyngk, maybe a sign of stones, or whatever, anything, but this Puuyngk it's for the Wik People.'
Keywords: aboriginal law, sacred, Wik, Yuk Puuyngk, 1993

Pearson N and Calley K 1997, 'The Wik Summit Papers', (eds), CYLC Cairns, p 25.
Author: Strelein, Lisa
Source: Bowenda, Denny