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The Story of Peibri

[Told by Marou at Murray Island, 1 February 1967]

Formerly, the district of Peibri on Mer was a little coral island which lived on the small reef called Mebgor, close to the south-west part of the home reef of Mer. When Peibri was attacked by sharks one day, it fled for protection to the foot of Gelam hill. Where it had been, it left behind a patch of sand, nowadays called Wewe Mebgor. The sharks pursued Peibri as far as they could and were stranded. There they turned to patches of sandstone rock, as can be seen at low tide between Gigred and Gigo. For Peibri never left the haven it found, but remained where it had come to rest and became part of the island of Mer.

Very often when one stands on the beach in the district of Peibri, one sees sharks pursuing stingrays almost to the water's edge. These stingrays are of a particular kind : Aetobatus narinari (Euphrasen). The Meriam call them Peibri Sor.
Keywords: Meriam culture, Meriam history, Mimi, Marou, myths

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Author: Sharp, Nonie
Source: Lawrie, Margaret