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The Roar of the Sea
The Roar of the Sea,

Koiki's cousin, James Rice remembered Koiki as a young boy:

'He was grown with a sea roar, echoes of the seas we call it. He listened that. When he was a little boy he used to call us big brother. We used to make him model canoe and then sail. He was just swimming in the beach while we were sailing about. He was a little boy. And he was a very smart, smart guy. Smart boy. Smart in brains. He got all the lessons in school very fast.'

Keywords: canoes, childhood, Las, Mabo, Edward Koiki, sea

Koiki's cousin, James Rice remembers Koiki as a young boy, 1996. Still: James Rice.
Author: Graham, Trevor.
© Mabo Family Collection
Source: Rice, James