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...take good care of your Mum...
Koiki's final diary extracts:

Thursday 2nd January Tville Hospital AM.
I spent the Morning in Hospital by myself until About 10AM When Netta, came in with Maria, her boy, Mal, Lena and their children. Ezra was with mum. Wannee & Marriott did not come that morning. So I told them what the Doctor had told me About my health.
Doctor was not so sure whether the trip to Brisbane Radium institute was going to make me better or make me worse,
But what ever may happen to me I want All of you to take good care of your Mum dont Abuse her in any way. Let her be the central figure in you lives just like both of us has been in your lives.
Brisbane Hospital

Friday 3rd January 1992
On this day at noon I went for 2nd Radium Treatment.
Netta Edward & Celuia Came after lunch.
We sat around and Netta made few phone calls.
Roslyn White Called in early and dropped off some fruit and $20.00 for me (twenty dollars).
Keywords: cancer, death, diaries, Eddie Mabo's Death, 21/01/1992, Townsville, 1992

Diary extracts, 1992.
© Mabo Family Collection
Source: Mabo, Edward Koiki