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Social, political and sovereign ideologies
Pura-lia Meenamatta (Jim Everett) poet and activist:

'Many Australian Indigenous people see white Australia as being diametrically different in its spiritual, social, political and sovereign ideologies. Therefore, from the crucial question of Australian citizenship flow many questions that need attention by Australian Indigenous peoples. Failure to address this sensitive question will undoubtedly see Aboriginality assimilated into a nationalism that totally rejects the rightful status Aboriginal nations should be accorded in our own land.'

Keywords: coexistence, Everett, Jim, extinguishment, national identity, recognition, 1997

Pura-lia Meenamatta (Jim Everett) Plangermairreener of the Pallawah, Beyond the colonial construct, paper presented to the Aboriginal Nations and the Australian Constitution Conference, 23-24 May 1997, Canberra, pp. 6, 7.
Author: Strelein, Lisa
Source: Meenamatta, Pura-lia