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E. K. Mabo and A.C. Haddon
E. K. Mabo and A.C. Haddon, 1967-1975

From 1967 to 1975, Mabo worked as a gardener at James Cook University's Townsville campus. He also spent many hours in the university library; and, at lunchtimes, he could be found sitting in his gardening clothes, reading the six-volume reports on the Torres Straits, by the Cambridge Anthropological Expedition. Mabo had a passion for reading the reports and gleaning information about his culture as observed by Haddon in 1898.
Keywords: Cambridge Anthropological Expedition, gardening, Haddon, A.C., James Cook University, Mabo, Edward Koiki, Townsville, 1967-1975

Research notes by Trevor Graham for 'Mabo - Life of an Island Man', 1997. Still: Eddie Mabo lecturing at James Cook University.
Author: Graham, Trevor.
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