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...Koiki's history of Las...
Diary - Notes pages. Koiki's history of Las:

"On previously Known Mabo Land in HCA Is to be known as 'Koit Land' which starts from Las 14A and Dam to 'Miear' near the airstrip.

"Because Koit paid with one of his wives 'ANPI' long before his boys reached the age of manhood. All his land was never divided to his sons but instead his sons selected their own sites but in Stead his sons selected their own sites to Garden.

"Modee or Modi or Misi - The oldest of Koits Son married 'Jeub' who came from a line of Jib family Also known as Kagaroo Family. Modee after marrying his wife Jeub went to live on her land and gardened on her lands as well. He only occupied Korkor near Wenoe Korkor and down to 'Tar'.

"Koit's other son Oroto or Oth was adopted to Dowar by the first Mamoos of Dowar, so his rights were surrendered by Koit. He therefore has no claim on Koikt's land. Koit's other son Mabo remained in possession of all Koit's land he lived at Las, at some time he moved to Leiwag & Ulag then to Ibir below 'Semar' and then at 'Sebeg' Mabo had most use of All the land of fathers Koit., His wife's land from her father side & also from her Mother 'Goi' land from Sebeg, to all other land in Komet area, including Sebeg Mager, Beaugred, Man-vi Taboeb in front of Tarau Gray's 'Taboeb', Eum, Arpet, now being used by Henry Kabere, Al & Duri. Mabo also had sole use of his mother land as well including Ulag, Ulag Mager, Kebi Saurem Wabodmop and Tarbid. Mabo and his wife Akazi also had sole use of 'Gasu Land' including Lewag, & Werir Kes, land above the plateau is SAUREM which goes past the road into the rain forest to the Bamboo Patch way up the road into Kirr where there are heaps and heaps of rocks together representing Kapmariri Stone of the Te-pi-pi & Te Saber-Saber or through the Story of Meb & Irwami & Deo.

"I learned all these stories from my father Benny Mabo & His wife Maiga Mabo & I also experienced How the land was used during my upbringing."

EK Mabo 4/1/92
Keywords: ancestors, death, diaries, inheritance, Las, 1992

Diary notes, 1992.
Author: Graham, Trevor.
© Mabo Family Collection
Source: Mabo, Edward Koiki