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Mabo home's not etiquette...
'When I heard that he was in hospital I rang up the Registrar of the High Court because it was then about ten months since the argument (the final hearings) and I said, "look he's not well, and perhaps you could" - I mean it's a bit of a delicate situation cause you don't normally contact judges and ask them to hurry up their decisions. It's not etiquette within the legal profession to do that. So I rang the Registrar and told him that Koiki was in hospital and wasn't looking good, with the idea in mind that he would go and tell the judges - in the hope that they might hurry things up and get the judgment out, but that didn't work.'

Keywords: cancer, death, Eddie Mabo's Death, 21/01/1992, 1992

Greg McIntyre interviewed by Trevor Graham, 1996.
Author: Graham, Trevor
© Film Australia
Source: McIntyre, Greg