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Hopevale & Aboriginal Land
The second determination, this time a positive determination of continuing native title, confirmed that native title was preserved over lands that had been reserved for the benefit or use of Aboriginal people, for example under land rights legislation. The Warra people of the Hopevale Community of Eastern Cape York Peninsula in Queensland received acknowledgment of their native title rights in December 1997. The determination recognised rights of exclusive possession, occupation use and enjoyment over 110,000 ha. (Native Title Determination, Warra Peoples, Hope Vale Community of Cape York (NNTT ref# QC96/15))

A former Lutheran mission, the land had already been granted to an Aboriginal Land Council as a Deed of Grant in Trust under the Queensland Statutory land rights regime. The determination was important because it required the negotiation of relationships between native titleholders and other Aboriginal people whom had moved, or been forcibly moved, into the area over the years. It also required the resolution of relationships between the different corporate bodies with responsibility for the administration of the lands and the community.
Keywords: Cape York, determinations, Hopevale, native title claim, Queensland, Warra Peoples Determination, 1997

Author: Strelein, Lisa