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...Findings re: Dave Passi...
Reverend Dave Passi put his claim in the following terms:
'In accordance with the tradition and practice of Meriam people and in particular the Passi family (as I understand it from my father Charlie Passi) I am entitled to use any of the Passi family lands, provided that I have the prior approval of the head of the family, presently Sam Passi and after his death Danny Passi (pursuant to Sam's current will).' [Determination pp 207-208].

Justice Moynihan wrote that he was 'prepared to conclude that the Passi lands are held pursuant to an arrangement such as is contemplated by the evidence I have canvassed. Such arrangements, which depend essentially upon acceptance by those affected, reflect an aspect of Murray Island social organisations for generations - probably antedating European contact.' [Determination p 212]
Keywords: High Court of Australia, inheritance, Moynihan, Justice Martin, Moynihan's findings, Passi, Reverend Dave, Passi, Sam, 1990

Author: Kenna, Jonathan
Source: Passi, Rev Dave