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Mabo home
...dearest daughter in law...
Unsubmitted evidence: In 1994 Bonita Mabo found amongst her personal papers two letters which had been written to her by Koiki's adoptive mother Maiga Mabo in 1960. Both are addressed to Bonita as 'Dearest Daughter In Law'. The letter was written when Koiki and Bonita were expecting their first child and continues, 'Now you go in the first month of Sept. to hospital. I'm so glad to hear this from my head to foot because he is only son to us. If you finish from hospital you tell E.K.Mabo to bring that child and come to home. We want to look our Grand Child and we want look you too Mrs Mabo.'

The second letter, dated some months later proclaimed, 'Our Grandson was born. I'll read you letter for Dad' and was signed 'Your Mum Mabo.' Unfortunately both these letters had been misplaced for twenty years and neither of them were tended as evidence on Eddie Mabo's behalf.
Keywords: letters, Mabo, Bonita, Mabo Case, Mabo, Maiga, 1960-1994

'Edward Mabo, His Life and Struggle for Land Rights', 1996, University Of Queensland Press.
Source: Loos, Noel and Mabo, Koiki