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Apinini and Sidipuar
[Told by Robert Pitt at Murray Island, 19 August 1968]

Two sisters, Apinini and Sidipuar, wove the two hills of the island of Dauar. Apinini was the elder sister, Sidipuar the younger. They sat at opposite ends of the island to do their weaving. After a while, Sidipuar felt thirsty and she went to visit her sister. When Sidipuar reached her, Apinini laid down her work and did not take it up again. But because Apinini had worked at her hill longer than Sidipuar had at hers, Apinini's hill was bigger than Sidipuar's. The two sisters turned to stone and may be seen on Au Dauar, the big hill woven by Apinini. The smaller hill woven by Sidipuar is called Kebi Dauar.

Keywords: Meriam culture, Meriam history, myths

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Author: Sharp, Nonie
Source: Margaret, Lawrie