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Mabo home
...ancestors handed down to this generation now...
Interview with Victor Sagigi on land dispute involving Eddie Mabo at Las: 'This place is called Las and I'm one of the descendants from the Sagigi family. The Sam family own this fish trap here, it was owned by the Sam family, from their ancestors handed down to this generation now. And as far as I know my mother and my sister told me that the Sam family owned that fish trap, not Eddie Mabo. He wants to claim it's his in the High Court. If Eddie Mabo wins, there'll be a war going on here, something will happen to the Murray Islanders if Eddie Mabo wins the court case.'
Keywords: ancestors, evidence, fish traps, land disputes, Las, Sagigi, Victor, witnesses

Victor Sagigi interviewed by Trevor Graham on the beach at Las, opposite a 'disputed' stone wall fishtrap, 1989.
Author: Sharp, Nonie
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Source: Victor Sagigi