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Rio Tinto: Aboriginal Relations
Paul Wand, Vice President, Aboriginal Relations, CRA:
'... CRA has a Policy on Aboriginal relations to which it is committed... The Policy is based upon recognition and respect. Recognition of Aboriginal disadvantage, connection to land and native title rights and respect for cultural diversity, aspirations for self-sufficiency and interests in land management. Key phrases in the Policy are that "CRA will engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stake holders and their representatives to find mutually advantageous outcomes...Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people will result from listening to them. The challenge is to make these words work."'
Keywords: CRA, recognition, reconciliation, 1996

Land Rights Laws - Past, Present and Future, CLC/NLC Conference, 16-17 August 1996, p 229.
Author: Strelein, Lisa
Source: Wand, Paul